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Genesis Construction Mitigation and Restoration


Mold and Mildew Removal

Mold and Mildew Remediation


The unfortunate problem with mold is that by the time you see it, there’s most likely a large amount that you don't see. And, that is a big problem. If you find mold in your home it would be really wise to let the professionals at Genesis Construction Mitigation and Restoration knock it out and get your house back to being healthy. Mold spores are found in home and workplace dust. Unfortunately, when there are a lot of mold spores they can be a health hazard. You don't want that. There are even some types of mold that can be a serious health risk to you and even your pets. If you are exposed to high levels of these molds they could cause neurological distress, and perhaps even death.





Mold is everywhere, and will grow most anyplace that moisture is present. Mold spreads very easily by air, and when it lands on a moist surface it will most likely grow. Mold growth can also be caused by incomplete drying of flooring materials such as concrete. Flooding, leaky roofs, building maintenance problems, or indoor plumbing problems can also lead to rapid mold growth. And, mold can seep through walls and grow behind your drywall or above your ceiling. After previous water damage occurs in a building, mold will grow inside walls and become dormant until the next high humidity occurrence. Mold can and will become reactivated if it is not tended to by professionals who are trained to put an end to the mold growth cycle.

Mold can be a serious problem

Mold can be a serious problem


Mold and Mildew Remediation
We know how to deal with it

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You can sometimes detect mold by the smell. You can often time find mold behind wallpaper or paneling, the top of ceiling tiles, behind drywall, or under carpets. Mold spores need four things to grow:

  • Food: usually cellulose of some sort.
  • Moisture: is needed to start the decaying process that mold produces.
  • Time: it usually takes between twenty-four hours and ten to begin growth and start to take hold.
  • Warmth: most mold growth occurs in a warmer environment, however, there are some molds that grow in temperatures as low as 32°F.



Careful detailed visual inspection and recognition of moldy odors should be used to find problems needing correction. Efforts should focus on areas where there are signs of liquid moisture or humidity. The goal should be to locate the mold growth and determine how best to correct the problem. The proper way to clean mold is to use detergent solutions that physically remove mold. The goal of remediation is to remove or clean the moldy materials in a way that prevents the emission of fungi and dust contaminated with fungi from leaving the work area and entering the home or business, while protecting the health of the workers doing the remediation.